How It's made

The Idea

Back in December of 2018 I was looking around the garage pondering what kind of project I could pursue with the extra wood laying around. I carved my first bowtie by hand and thus thee first Bad Ass Bowtie was created.

The Tools

At first I wanted to use a Jig Saw to produce a fine cut, but after further research I discovered the Scroll Saw. I ran to my truck and drove to the hardware shop and came home with my first purchase of a power tool. (No need to borrow my dads tools any longer) I set to work and after many trials and errors I found the right blade that wouldn't break. I cut ten ties my first day  and was ready for the next step.

The Details

After realizing how long it took to smooth the surface and edges with sandpaper by hand I decide to invest more in my little start up. I went back to the hardware store (pestered the employee with my many questions). I came home with a Belt Sander and couldn't be happier. The Garage soon become covered in sawdust.

The Art

After I finished making the tie I realized I needed a way to set myself apart from all other competitors. I decided to merge my other passion of art with my bowties. I began painting by hand patterns and designs on my ties to personalize them. Each Tie is a work of ART!

Final Touches

After Painting the ties I add a nice wood stain to give the wood a rich color to enrich the grain. I then add an enamel gloss to protect it. Next, I Choose the color for the center ribbon attach the neck strap, and its ready to be worn!