Wooden Fedoras

After the success of the wooden bowtie I have been actively pursuing more exciting ways to incorporate my artistic and wood working skills into a new stylish product line. 

The Materials

The wooden brim is carved from a high quality Cherry and Maple wood. This is then finely sanded to give a smooth finish and coated with a deep hue wood stain to give a natural beautiful vibrance to the wood that directly compliments the light weight wool fabric. Lastly It is coated with a protective enamel to waterproof the wood and protect it from any damage. The Crown of the fedora is made from 100% Australian Wool naturally sourced. 

The two pieces are then bonded together and finished with a nice leather band or ribbon to create a stylish piece for everyday use. The wooden fedora is both handsome, rugged and perfect for any casual or formal event.

Painted Fedoras

Upgrade your style

After learning from the success of the custom paintings on my bowties I have received many requested for custom artwork for my wood brimmed fedoras. I feel that artwork gives a person a fun way of expressing yourself and also being able to choose what you want painted on your hat makes it a one of a kind piece. I am even collaborating with other artists 


The wooden brim is not only a fantastic conversation starter but also unique fashion piece sure to grab the attention and looks from those around you! It is light weight and durable. Never again will fedora connoisseurs have to worry about ruining the shape of the wool brim or handling it with clean hands. Thew wood wipes clean every time.


Wood Brimmed Fedoras

Finding myself back in the garage again with a surplus of cherry and maple wood I developed my first fedora from my favorite Australian wool hat. After perfecting the prototype I am now ready to bring this product to market. 

Self Expression

My goal Is to provide people with a  stylish and durable piece of artwork that they can use to express themselves on a daily basis.